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Gaming via Blackberry Messenger - Review

Gaming via Blackberry Messenger - Review

Gaming via Blackberry Messenger
Competition in the world of smartphones increasingly interesting to observe. With various advantages and functions that are maximized for a particular purpose, every smartphone seems to have a specific market segmentation. Some of them offer multimedia capabilities, the other offers easy to "bring" jobs in high mobility, and most fall somewhere in between. Ruling out the need to participate in the trend, the decision to choose a smartphone is often determined by this function.

Along with the development of an increasingly dynamic times, smartphone functions compartmentalized box was starting to become blurred. The main demands of consumers is often related to the fulfillment of basic multimedia needs. One who begins to feel the impact of this is the product of smart phones made by RIM, the BlackBerry. Phones that offer the security of this data at first is designed to facilitate employment through cyberspace connection. But the demands and competition against big competitors like Apple and other Google  force RIM to develop the multimedia and entertainment. One of them is gaming.
Since the mid-year, RIM clearly has stated publicly their intention to develop the multimedia side of it. One of the best ways to achieve it is to "open" access to their main features, the BlackBerry Messenger, to third parties. Access is provided to facilitate the integration and make the application becomes much more interactive. A concept of a foundation for the future of mobile gaming. Features are included in the update BlackBerry Messenger 6 now can be enjoyed. Is RIM really fulfill this promise through fuel Connected? How gaming systems that were presented?
It is still difficult to find a gaming application that is maximize the function of this Connected fuel. Some games are already downloadable via the Blackberry App World, but very few are now trying, really successful. Of all the gaming applications that exist, only two appear so attractive to the fuel Connected.


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