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Review - Resident Evil 4 HD - Revival Selection HD Remake

Review - Resident Evil 4 HD - Revival Selection HD Remake

Review - Resident Evil - Revival Selection HD Remake

HD Remake indeed become one of the concepts that are often found in the gaming industry lately. Remodel old games again and adapt quality in her ability to perform high-definition graphics into a lucrative profit potential for developers and publishers. How not? They no longer need to bother building a game from scratch, but able to sell. "Modifications" like this is definitely attract the hearts of gamers, especially those who've played these games before. As a venue for nostalgia? Of course, but does not rule out the possibility to satisfy curiosity will experience that may be presented.

Of so many games HD remake that will be present in the gaming industry, Capcom is counted as one of the most active companies this policy. Franchise-great franchise that was released in the heyday of the Playstation 2 was re-released for the XBOX 360 and Playstation 3 with a variety of graphical improvements here and there. One of them is their survival horror franchise, Resident Evil. Through the name of Resident Evil: Revival Selection, Capcom bring back two big names: Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil Code Veronica in her high-Defintion. But whether frills "HD Remake" This really brings the graphics are much better?
Resident Evil: Revival Selection HD Remake was released in two separate discs for XBOX 360. As a game with a conventional control, is not too difficult to adapt back to the second game, because it really is not much significant change from the control and gameplay. Things really changed there is no quality graphics that were presented. Another element? Exactly the same as RE 4 and RE Code Veronica you know. Unfortunately, for one reason or another, I can only get the Japanese version. Although the act that carried voice continue to speak English, but it is quite impossible to complete a Resident Evil game without an adequate description. Therefore, this article is presented to give a little illustration only.

Resident Evil: Code Veronica

The concept of HD Remake appears it is only implemented on the graphics side only, without changing the concept of the gameplay at all. As one of the Resident Evil series 'classic', Code Veronica Resident Evil game to bring the system that had long been forgotten since the presence of RE 4. Those who've tried the first Resident Evil series until the third gameplay certainly never felt like this. Move forward with the top button, move the indoors with the camera fixed, and do all the action with the system is still manual. You even still have to do a "Combine" to be able to reload the gun before the bullet is completely discharged. Classic!
Is Much Better with HD Display?

Reality is often bitter. Admittedly, Resident Evil: Code Veronica presenting the concept of "HD Remake" very disappointing. It is already quite felt since the opening movie of this game. When tried it with a 1080p LCD, the CGI looks very broken and blurred, as if not reformed at all to be able to perform optimally in these high-definition resolution. As was to impose a low-res video to appear on HD television, it is very unfortunate. Try directly with the gameplay also does not bring many changes. There does not appear significant graphical changes, you still like to see RE: Code Veronica you know on the Dreamcast and Playstation 2 first.

Unique gameplay, fortunately, able to leverage in 1080p resolution, in the sense not impressed  and low-res CGI movie like it. But better graphics? You have to think again. Impression of "box" that we often find on the old games are still felt here. Some details are not present with the maximum, even in terms of design his own character. The most the maximum that you can find there may be in reaction to Claire's face is now more clearly visible. However, from the shape of the body, limbs, until his own zombie not changed much. HD Remake? More precisely half-hearted port.
Resident Evil 4

As we know, Resident Evil 4 to be recognized is the Resident Evil series of the most revolutionary, changing the concept and direction of an RE game as a whole. Unlike the classic series, Resident Evil 4 comes with a camera view that the responsibility lies with the main character, Leon Kennedy. More impressive a game third person shooter, Resident Evil 4 to remove all the classic control scheme, making it much more comfortable playing. Not only that, the game also comes with a plot and a new enemy. This series was the one who later gave birth to the concept of RE with the action that is more viscous than the "survival-horror".

Although the present system the same gameplay, but you'll feel a bit awkward to play this game with XBOX 360 controls. Why? A learning process. It's no secret if almost all the games third person shooter, who was born in XBOX 360 carries the same control scheme, LT to aim and RT to fire, while the RB and LB to dodge or counter the action faster. But Capcom does not seem to figure this out. They still retain the classic control scheme, which admittedly is really difficult. It takes time to re-adapt. It sucks!
Is Much Better with HD Display?

For Resident Evil 4, I have to give two thumbs up for quality HD remake is presented. Unlike the Resident Evil: Code Veronica is impressed "messing around", Resident Evil 4 able to perform optimally on the screen with 1080p resolution. Some details that have been less clear on the Playstation 2 version, now in version Tampi stunning HD remake of this. The quality of character design, facial expressions, setting the existing area, until the enemy was now performing much better. You will immediately feel it so the game is turning on your console.

HD does not necessarily make this remake appeared seiindah game Resident Evil 5 which comes with newer technology. But replay Resident Evil 4 with better visualization of presenting a much different experience. At least enough to eliminate the disappointment brought by Code Veronica. Love it!

Do you deserve to spend the extra money to get a HD Remake Resident Evil Revival Selection of this? Quite a difficult choice, a dilemma because the difference in quality is quite contrary to the HD quality offered by Resident Evil 4 and Code Veronica. As one package - Revival Selection, it is almost impossible to buy it separately if you visit the nearest game store. But in outline, I would categorized it as INAPPROPRIATE. Why? HD quality offered by Resident Evil 4 is sufficient to cover the drawback to that displayed by the Code Veronica. After all, is not always there is a chance for a game nostalgia? Code Veronica will be able to bring that role perfectly. But remember, if you intend to finish them, make sure you choose an air-English text. Played a Resident Evil game with Japanese text (especially those of us who do not understand) is a futile act. So, you interested?


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