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Special Force Beta Review

Special Force Beta Review

Special Force Beta Review
Indonesia online gaming world to be recognized is growing with incredible speed. If in the past, we only find one or two new online games per year, now we can get dozens in the same time frame. Publishers also began to compete by presenting various genres of the more unique and varied. The one that gets enough attention is the MMOFPS.

There are two MMOFPS games are now being dominated competition in Indonesia, Point Blank and Counter Strike Online. Both come with the same genre, but offers a concept and a much different game systems. Uniqueness is what makes them grow fan base is strong enough, a heart that beats steady for the existence of the MMOFPS. Although it proved to be the strongest, does not mean there are no more games that seek to challenge and compete. Peak attract lucrative competition Dragonfly, one of the newcomers publisher in Indonesia, to spawn Special Force.
On 7 September 2011 yesterday, Dragonfly Special Force was officially introduced to the public. MMOFPS is claimed appear to be different, presenting quite a lot of other elements that are not owned by the other competitors. Characteristic of all Indonesia's Kopassus soldiers through the characters and maps Jakarta became a major selling points. In addition, the character customization is also a significant differentiator. Now the opportunity to try out the beta version of its already present, how first impressions play this game?

As an FPS game, Special Force presents almost all the elements required. A diverse selection of weapons and a wide selection of fashion is still limited in this beta version brings quite a unique gaming experience. In contrast to the CSO or NT, you need to adjust prior to the movement of a character that feels a bit slow and the recoil of different weapons. Special Force also provides a mode that allows gamers to play in the third person shooter mode to play games like Lost Planets or Gears of Wars.


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