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Free Download Games - Gas Guzzlers Combat Carnage Full Rip Version

Free Download Games - Gas Guzzlers Combat Carnage Full Rip Version

gas guzzlerGas-guzzler

Gas-guzzler commonly refers to a vehicle that consumes fuel inefficiently. The term originally came into use in the US when congress established Gas Guzzler Tax provisions in the Energy Tax Act of 1978 to discourage the production and purchase of fuel-inefficient vehicles. The gas guzzler tax had applied only to cars (not trucks) and was collected by the IRS.

Today the term is often used to refer to SUVs or other semi-large vehicles that qualify as "light trucks". Nevertheless the term extends to all fuel-inefficient vehicles, from antiquated V8 American classics to Italian-bred sports cars. A Lamborghini Murciélago, a Plymouth Roadrunner, and a Hummer H1 might all be classified as gas-guzzlers, though they are very different cars.

Reasons for bad fuel economy

There are several reasons for bad fuel economy in cars, vans and trucks:

Large displacement engines: A large displacement engine generally requires more fuel to run it than a smaller engine.

Small displacement engines: An excessively small engine often requires more fuel to run than a moderately bigger engine[citation needed] which can deliver more power per piston bore than its smaller equivalent. A smaller engine has to burn more fuel to produce power similar to a larger bore engine[citation needed], thus causing the mean fuel economy to go down under normal operating conditions. This situation is often found in Germany or Ireland[2] where a motor taxation system is used which taxes cars based on engine capacity.

Heavy weight: A heavy vehicle requires more work to accelerate than a lighter vehicle, requiring more powerful (larger displacement) engine with higher fuel consumption to achieve a similar power-to-weight ratio. Large drag coefficient: A less aerodynamic vehicle must deflect a greater volume of air when moving at the same speed than a more aerodynamic one. To overcome this drag, a more powerful engine with higher fuel consumption is needed.

gas guzzler
Means to decrease fuel consumption

Then there is the reduction of vehicle weight, with a switch to monocoque construction instead of body on frame construction and an increased use of lightweight materials, aluminium, plastics and high strength HSLA steels instead of ordinary mild carbon steel.

Gas-guzzlers are not only seeing a scale back in engine size and weight but also in the type of fuel used to power it to prevent environmental damage caused by the use of fossil fuels. For example, some light truck manufacturers are adopting hydrogen fuel technology in order to provide the consumer a vehicle with a much lower running cost[citation needed]. The problem with these alternative fuel technologies is that they are either too expensive for widespread use and/or they are scarcely available especially in smaller countries.

Diesel technology is widespread in light trucks, especially in Japan and Europe. The bad reputation of diesel fuel and the previously bad quality of the fuel, however, have led to the rarity of such vehicles in the U.S market. The excessive particle emissions of diesel engines have also been cut back with particulate filters, which are offered for most modern diesel engines.

Driving habits and vehicle maintenance are easy to change and can have a big impact on fuel efficiency. Sudden acceleration, poorly maintained vehicles (frequency of oil changes and brand) and gasoline brands can also impact overall fuel efficiency by over 20%.

gas guzzlerGas Guzzlers Combat Carnage is a great game, excellent stuff and real Death Rally successor. Vehicle damage system is really detailed with parts falling off all the time. Tracks are ok, well balanced and set in various environments (desert, canyon, woodlands, alps etc.). Car physics and handling are ok and there is nice dynamic camera with RGB /DOF shifts when you hit something or get damaged. It's like Death Rally but more serious, especially if you choose to play with FPS/hood cam.

The game is a fast-paced addictive combat racing game for the PC. The game is played from the “behind the car“ camera perspective and features many different vehicles, weapons, upgrades, on-track bonuses as well as distinctive and astonishing environments. Player starts with low performance vehicle and gradually works his way up by earning money in a series of challenging races. Along with developing his driving and fighting skills, player has to invest his hard earned money wisely to grab the chance for driving on the road to glory.
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