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PepsiMan Games - Review

PepsiMan Games - Review

PepsiMan Games - Review

Simplicity in the gaming industry is often a double-edged sword that could make a game a tremendous success, or even lost altogether unknown. Have not counted how many games are able to make these capabilities as the main weapon that really sell, but also pretty much have to bite the finger. What causes this phenomenon? The power to integrate the theme of the right, challenges, and a variety of addictive elements of success will be the main weapon. One who did it? Pepsiman!

Is not something surprising if some players did not hear this name before. Playstation games released for the first generation is indeed the first impression does not show enough to make you buy it immediately. But for those who take the time to just try it, Pepsiman offers something more, even tend to be very difficult to forget. Human blue-silver who ran it will stay forever in your brain.
There was not much offered by this game. Most of the things you do is redirect this icon carbonated beverages for up to purpose. In his run that fast, you "only" need to steer to avoid hitting any obstacles. The obstacles come up with the movement, some others simply silent. But all these obstacles will force you to press the reaction quickly, jumping or sliding. Although the concept is very simple, this game offers gameplay that is quite challenging.

Pepsiman also noted as the only game that managed to wear a particular brand and exclusive product mixes as a media campaign is super effective. In this case the course is Pepsi. Throughout the game you will find cans of carbonated beverages, whether in the form of three-dimensional models and real. It will not surprise if you will instantly feel thirsty and want to drink Pepsi for playing this game. Seriously!

What does a Pepsiman? That may be the most important question when we talk about this one game. Why he could just show up? Unfortunately, there is no explanation that tells about the background of the birth of this iconic character. From the beginning of the game, you've presented how the tin man in blue and silver is acting as a brand ambassador for Pepsi. He is a superhero for Pepsi!

There is no special mission for Pepsiman, there is no villain who tried to kill him. Pepsiman only comes to those who needed his help, is associated with Pepsi as well. The game will be divided into several levels and chapter. Pepsiman usually called upon to solve a specific problem which required him to run fast, though even in chaotic conditions. So like the movie Forest Gump Tom Hanks's a phenomenon: Pepsiman Run, RUN!
What I like about Pepsiman?
Simplicity Challenging
What most makes a Pepsiman appear so attractive? Then the simplicity of the gameplay offered to be the most important. You are just playing a hero with no identity that continues to run ahead to complete a mission that could have been solved by others. Your role is to move and avoid any obstacles that may threaten. However, given the challenges and simplicity to solve them produce certain sensations. You will not easily forget this character.
Theme Song

Pepsiman! Pepsiman! You ever play this game will certainly remember the theme song for the superhero. Although the theme song of this often arises in the event that is not too important, but the resulting sound is really memorable. Theme song Pepsiman this as making the effort you do look super-epic!. Who would have thought if this man would appear like a blue superhero with additional tracks just like this.
Animation Fall
Avoid the challenge is not an easy matter, especially if they appear so close together. Unless you are really a god game that fell from the sky, failure to complete a mission with a seamless it is definitely happening. You will definitely have hit something or fall during play Pepsiman. Not infrequently, although you have to repeat from the beginning, same error still occurs. Luckily, the animation is presented fairly provoke a smile. At least not make you upset.
Running From Large Objects

Although most of the mission Pepsiman is running towards its destination, some mission also requires us to run from a large object that harm. The challenge is given a mission like this presents challenges far different and more difficult. If we ran forward, all obstacles can be viewed, analyzed, and sought a way out. Whereas if you run the opposite direction, almost all the obstacles appear suddenly. Sometimes a mission like this can cause the sensation of his own frustration. But what's life without an extra challenge?


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