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Nostal Games Excite Bike Review

Nostal Games Excite Bike Review

Excite Bike
For gamers new to the gaming world today, the quality of games are often determined only from the quality of the graphics are presented. Although the gameplay is carried quite interesting, not a few gamers who are skeptical if the visualization is considered not meet current gaming standards. In fact, if we look at the roots of video games in the past, experience the same fun can be obtained from an image that is very simple. Those who have tasted the NES in the past would understand this.

NES born in the early 1980s have recognized an early milestone changes in gaming become one of the entertainment mainstream. Millions of families bring these machines in their homes, millions of children growing up with him, and millions of adult human grateful they've tasted it. Although the game system is presented as of very simple for glasses now, almost all NES games capable of displaying a unique experience. An experience that is recorded clearly and even still to this day.
Not a few gamers who "fall" and finding love in the gaming industry for Nintendo's console is white. NES itself is the first console that I have. At a very young age, this console introduced me to start breathing some big franchises, such as Final Fantasy and Street Fighter. Not only does that come from large developers, NES also provides hundreds of games that are still hard to forget even to this day. Games that make up the memory as a time machine and go back to those times it's geeky.

If we are talking about one of racing's most memorable games in the heyday of the NES, not a few who will immediately think of the title on this one. Have you ever heard the name before Excite Bike? Childhood memories are limited may make you forget the title of this game. However, when you begin to see and hear the theme song apparently in it, I'm sure you'll feel a strong nostalgia experience. Let's reminisce!


If you are expecting a complex plot of a NES game, you really misplaced. With a simple and visualization technologies are limited in 8 bits, more focused developers to deliver a fun gaming experience. More amazing again, this mission is often successful. One of the most obvious examples are Excite Bike.

It is not clear who the name of the character behind this helmet. We just have to make sure he is ambitious to become a leader in every challenge presented tracks. By using a motor that looks are not competitive racing, this guy drove past all the climbs, leaps, and derivatives that seem plausible. Something fun for us, but may lead to bad for him.
If the game is more focused in his time racing to compete and occupy the first device, Excite Bike appear with a different concept. Time is the enemy that you must deal. The button is also very simple. The directional keys to move the motor position and move, A button for regular acceleration, and the A button for extra acceleration with extra heat in the engine. If the bar reaches the maximum temperature of the engine, the driver must rest for a few seconds before you can continue the race again.

Excite Bike arguably become one of the best racing game in his time. Variations tracks that were presented successfully combined with the extra modes such as design and to enrich the experience of playing competitively.


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