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Download Games Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 For Free

Download Games Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 For Free

Download Games Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 For Free - What do you expect from a game called Need for Speed? Of course the speed! High-speed race with cool cars is the wet dream of gamers race lovers! Game series Need for Speed ​​(NFS) has provided what gamers want with some interesting titles. Start of NFS Underground, NFS Underground 2, NFS Most Wanted, up NFS Carbon. What is the similarity of all the titles above? Wild race high-speed, super cool car, and the tension that addictive!

NFS Hot Pursuit again provide the fun of this game, after turning the bow to create a simulation racing game NFS Shift. In this latest NFS games, you will be back-filled arcade racing feel the tension and at the same time have an easy and responsive controls. What was highlighted in this game when compared with the previous NFS games arcade racing? So, what can you expect from this game?

Hottest Pursuit

This game uses a different concept with the previous NFS games. In this game, you will concentrate more races alone. If you've played NFS games of old, the concept is certainly not foreign to you. So, you can not find an assortment of car customization like in NFS Underground. Then, whether this will reduce the enjoyment of play would you feel?

At first we thought that way. However, after playing for more than 20 hours, we thought it had been removed without a trace! Apparently, the experience of playing that we found more interesting than the previous NFS. Indeed, you are no longer preoccupied with finding a variety of equipment for your car. In fact, it is not necessary in this game. Because, this game actually gives you the pleasure of racing without having to think about other things that are not needed in a racing game, which is racing as much!

Wild race that became a primary goal in this game can be displayed properly. You can choose two sides in a wild race, which is a wild driver and a policeman. Chases are fun to be a very interesting feature in this game. Because, police cars chase drivers must be recognized very high speed! Although the racers and the police use the same car, police car is always superior. Therefore, each side is given other extras to make the atmosphere gets hotter, the weapons to deter enemy cars!
Prepare Your Weapons!

Every car that participates will get his opponent's arms to drop the car. Along with the increasingly heated competition, the weaponry you'll have more and more also. In this game, you will have two types of armaments to two sides of the conflict, namely the wild riders and the police. Both sides will get the same two types of weapons, namely the EMP attack and Spike Strip. Two other types of weapons are the Turbo and Jammer for racers; and Helicopter and Road Block to the police.

EMP attack and rider owned Spike Strip and the police. Both of these weapons has a direct attack resulted in damage to your enemy's car. EMP attack is done by first locking the opponent's car in front of you. After a successful car is locked, you will fire an electromagnetic wave that will mess up the car and hurt him. This attack can only succeed if the car can be locked only opponent. When the opponent dodged around the signal successfully added your keys or very large distances, then this attack will fail.

The next attack is a Spike Strip. Simply, you will throw trap spines to the back of your car. So, the enemy is too close to you will be exposed to this trap and stop suddenly. In addition, the car will also be exposed to damage. Then, what about other weapons? Turbo and Jammer are used to increase the speed significantly and to disrupt enemy weapons systems. Very good use if you're trying to lock the opponent with the EMP signal.
Police have not directly attack a Road Block and Helicopter. When you call the help of Road Block, the street in front of the drivers will be prevented by the police barrier made of a car. Very good use if you are far enough behind the rider. Later, a helicopter will lay a trap Spike Strip ahead of the top. All help is very useful for police to kill the drivers who are good at dodging your car collisions.

All of this weaponry certainly looks so dangerous, is not it? To make the game more balanced, this game provides limitations on use of weapons. For example, you can only use 2 Spike Strip and an EMP on a trajectory. In addition, each weapon has been used to enter a period of cool down for a while. So, you can not directly use one type of weapon quickly.

The use of these weapons are frankly forcing gamers to use a controller with analog and digital directional keys. Why is that? You must use the plus button on the controller to use weapons! When you use the keyboard, by default you must press the directional keys on the numerical pad (keys 2, 4, 8, and 6). It must be admitted, very difficult to use these buttons when you're in the middle of the race that requires precision and fast reaction. Although you can change the function of these buttons to other buttons, but the best option remains on the controller, such as the XBOX 360 controller for PC.
Responsive Control

One thing that makes this game so well played is easy and responsive control. It's easy to make your car perform drift to pass through a sharp bend or avoid heavy traffic when in high speed. Every car does have differences with the type of proper control of his car. However, basically they all are not so different when in high speed.

Another thing to note is the use of shortcuts. You can find many shortcuts that typically lead you to the road is not paved. Despite its name the shortcut, there are times when the streets will actually make you take the road further away! So, you have to be careful when taking the road of this kind.

In addition, you must also consider the type of car used. When you use the car high enough off the ground, then you will not experience problems when taking the shortcut. However, another problem is when you use the car super low to the ground line. Your speed will decrease dramatically! You'll want to experiment to determine the car you use is suitable or not when using a land line.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Adopted the concept of pure race is indeed a very interesting game. While not all gamers like the race without customization, the charm of the race without being distracted additional feature is still high. If you still want to have an advantage over the opponent car, you can repeat the race to earn points called bounty. These points are useful to increase the level of your driver. Besides getting a new car which is usually faster, you'll also get weapon upgrades. Weapons with higher levels of excellence will provide a highly visible than your enemy.

Game modes which you can find also an interesting thing in this game. In addition to regular races, you can also do the Time Attack. To make the atmosphere gets hotter, you can find Time Attack coupled with a police chase! It is very difficult to be solved!

Unfortunately, the LAN mode once again abandoned by Electronic Arts as the developer of this game. Instead, you can find an online multiplayer mode that involves two sides of the racers, the wild riders and the police. You can also store the moment the race is amazing and makes the photo. Then, you can share it with other players around the world.

One more thing that is quite unfriendly is the level of difficulty in this game. Admittedly, the degree of difficulty is high enough for the beginner. The enemy is very aggressive and Time Attack with strict time limits to make you as much as possible to make a little mistake. In fact, there are some tracks that do not tolerate mistakes and can be frustrating.

Well, how? Is this game in accordance with the character racer in you? If you're not a gamer who likes racing simulation, then the game is made for you! Support easy and responsive controls further add to the enjoyment to play this game! What are you waiting? Turn on your machine and be prepared for the race without stopping suspense!

This game offers a pure race unhindered by car customization system. You will get a new car as the driver level. The enemy you can encounter in this game as well as very competitive and hard to beat. In addition, control of the steady and high quality display that will accompany you play this game to forget the time.

Race that exquisite tension, high-quality display, responsive control, the number of cars very much, and the arms race that makes the atmosphere warmer.

Difficulty level is quite high and the absence of a LAN mode.

Suitable for:
Gamers who loved the arcade races.

Not suitable for:
Gamers who liked racing simulation.
Windows XP/ME/2000/98
450MHz Pentium III or 500MHz AMD Athlon
1.2GB Hard Disk Space
16MB Direct3D compatible Video Card
DirectX 8.1 compatible Sound Card
800MHz Pentium III or AMD Athlon
32MB Direct3D compatible Video Card
16X CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive
56K modem, DSL, Cable Modem, other Broadband Connection
TCP/IP Compliant Network

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