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Free Download Games Need For Speed Carbon Full Rip Version Mediafire - Review Racing PC

Free Download Games Need For Speed Carbon Full Rip Version Mediafire - Review Racing PC

Free Download Games Need For Speed Carbon Full Rip Version Mediafire - Review Racing PCNeed for Speed: Carbon, also known as NFS Carbon or NFSC, is an Electronic Arts video game belonging to the Need for Speed series. Released in 2006, it is the tenth installment, preceded by Need for Speed: Most Wanted, succeeded by Need for Speed: ProStreet in release order and succeeded by Need for Speed: Undercover in chronological order. This was the first game to gain the PEGI Rating of 12+[citation needed] The game is a sequel to 2005's Need for Speed: Most Wanted. The locations of both Most Wanted and Carbon (Rockport and Palmont, respectively) are featured in the 2010 MMO game, Need for Speed: World.
The PlayStation Portable, Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance versions of the game are called Need for Speed Carbon: Own the City, set in a fictional city named Coast City with a significantly different storyline and also featuring different AI teammate abilities. In 2009, a version of Own the City was also released on the Zeebo as a pre-installed game.


The gameplay is based upon rival street racing crews. Players run a crew and can hire specific street racers to be in their crew and the active friendly racer is known as a wingman. Each hirable street racer has two skills, one which is a racing skill (scout, blocker, and drafter) and a non-race skill (fixer, mechanic, and fabricator). Each skill has different properties from finding hidden alleys/back streets (shortcuts) to reducing police attention. Cars driven by the wingmen are also different; blockers drive muscles, drafters drive exotics and scouts drive tuners (although the first two unlockable wingmen (Neville and Sal) drive cars according to the player's chosen car class at the start of the game). In career mode, players have to race tracks and win to conquer territories and face off against bosses to conquer districts. Also, sometimes the minor crews (Black Hearts and Kings, who drive exotics, Inferno and Los Colibres, who drive muscles, and Rotor 4 and Scorpios, who drive tuners), might attack the player's owned races. The player can then either accept the challenge, and keep the race if they win it, or decline, in which case, the minor crew will automatically take over the race.

Unlike Need for Speed: Most Wanted and Underground, Carbon had no drag racing. However, Carbon features the return of drift racing, a mode that had been included in two previous installments Need For Speed: Underground and Underground 2, but omitted from Carbon's predecessor, Most Wanted; and new style of event, Canyon Event, based on Japanese Touge races. There are four types of Canyon Events: Canyon Duel, Canyon Sprint, Canyon Checkpoint and Canyon Drift. A special point to note is that Lap Knockout race events are omitted, compared to previous installments. Tollbooth racing from Most Wanted was renamed to "Checkpoint" racing in Carbon.

Players can upload in-game screenshots to the Need for Speed website, complete with stats and modifications. NFS Carbon was the first NFS game to feature online exclusive game modes. The Pursuit Knockout and Pursuit Tag game modes are modes that allow the player to play as either a racer or a cop. Pursuit Knockout is essentially a lap knockout with a twist. The racers that are knocked out of the race come back as cops and it’s their job to try to stop the other racers from finishing the race through any means necessary. The player that finishes the race wins. Pursuit Tag begins with one player as a racer and the rest of the players as cops. It is the cops' job to arrest the racer. The cop that makes the arrest then turns into a racer and has to try to avoid the cops. The player who spends the most time as a racer wins.

Gameplay control methods vary from console to console. The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 control steering through the control pad, while acceleration, braking and other controls can be configured and mapped to the different buttons on the controllers. The Driving Force GT and G27 racing wheels can be used, and this is the first Need For Speed title to implement force-feedback and the 900 degree turning radius. On Windows, joysticks and wheel controllers are supported, as well as those that support force feedback. The Wii lacks online play, but fully supports the use of the Wii Remote.

Free Download Games Need For Speed Carbon Full Rip Version Mediafire - Review Racing PCNeed For Speed Carbon

NFS Carbon is a racing game genre made by EA Games. In this game we play as a street racer who had many enemies. In this game there are approximately 54 kinds of cars are divided into three classes: tuner, exotic and muscle. Tuner car excels in the control, muscle superior in acceleration and top speed and the exotic in the midst of both, sometimes to excess on top speednya. Each car can be modified for performance and looks.
There are several game modes, but can be classified into free roam and race. For the race there are a variety of fashion again, include:





-Canyon Duel

In addition, we can also meet with the police, either in race or free roam. And usually the police have bad intentions against us. Fortunately we are given points in a folder called the Pursuit Breaker. With this we can beat some police cars behind us.

For graphic factors, this game is quite superior to the game in his era. Each car uses a lot of polygons so it looks smooth. In addition the use of high texture and using shaders, so it seems far more real than without shaders. We can also see the reflection in the car or the road. In addition, when we often hit will cause damage to our car. This form of paint damage that beret or broken glass.

There are weather effects are quite convincing. At the time of rain, the road looks wet and reflect on our cars. In addition, the car also becomes easier to slip during the turn.

To factor physics, this game is very good. Each car has a different weight that blew during a collision or when flying through the air. Muscle cars tend to be heavier than the tuner cars. So that in case of collision, muscle car will be easier to return to the game.

The best thing in my opinion is the sound factor of this game. If we replace the car's engine, the resulting sound would be different. Effect when the car entered the tunnel was worked well. Besides the response time of the race by the crew and the police also realtime.

Educational value that can be obtained from this game

1. Learning tinkering with exotic cars from abroad.

2. If you are driving recklessly, police will be happy to justify the way you drive.

3. The value of cooperation with the crew member to win the game.

4. Appropriate decision-making for emergency situations (during the chase by the police).

The element of reality (reality in the game)

The reality of the facts

1. Model and performance of the car similar to the original.

2. If it rains, the car will skid more easily.

3. If you are driving on the grass, the car's speed to be not optimal.

4. If you upgrade parts of your car, the car's performance will increase.

5. The more often you hit another object, the car will look more destroyed.

The reality of the causal

1. If you are reckless driving (crashing cars or property on the side of the road), then the police will come to you.

2. If you challenge the crew of opponents, you can gain a higher reputation.

3. If you won a race, then the area becomes your power.

4. If you fail to win the challenge from the opponent, then that area will disappear from your power.

The reality of random events

1. Possible arrival of the police is not necessarily the arrival time and direction, but likely will be greater in areas that often you make to the race.

2. The possibility that there are cars on the road suddenly swerved to hinder the speed racers.

3. The possibility of rain.

The reality of physics

1. Hit properties on the road can reduce the rate of your vehicle.

2. The car is heavy (eg: Corvette or SLR McLaren), will have an advantage when a car crashed into a lighter (eg: Nissan Skyline or Mitsubishi Lancer).

Visual Reality

1. The existence of a reflection on your car.

2. Effects of damage that occurs in your car looks realistic (eg: beret on car paint and broken glass).

3. Effect of water drops on the car and wet roads during rain.

Reality Audio

1. Car engine sound different.

2. The response from the police and the crew member in realtime.

3. Resonance effects in the tunnel.
Free Download Games Need For Speed Carbon Full Rip Version Mediafire - Review Racing PC

Free Download Games Need For Speed Carbon Full Rip Version Mediafire - Review Racing PC

 Free Download Games Need For Speed Carbon Full Rip Version Mediafire - Review Racing PC

Free Download Games Need For Speed Carbon Full Rip Version Mediafire - Review Racing PC
Minimum system requirements for PC :
OS: Windows 2000 SP4 / Windows XP SP2
CPU: 1.7 GHz
Hard Disk: 4.7 GB
Optical Drive: 8x DVD/CD
Video Card: 64 MB memory and one of these chipsets is required: NVIDIA GeForce3 / NVIDIA GeForce4 (Ti series only) / ATI Radeon 8500.
Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Online Multiplayer: 512 Kbps connection; 2-8 Players
Input: Keyboard, Mouse
Optional: USB Steering Wheel / Dual Analogue Gamepad 
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