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Lil Poison, a Professional Gamer - Review

Lil Poison, a Professional Gamer - Review

Lil Poison, a Professional Gamer - Review - The expansion of gaming into an industry closely related to the wheels of the economy bears. To be in the forefront, the publishers and developers not only strive to produce a quality game. They also need lots of strategies to be introduced directly to consumers and make the game produced an interesting aura. Ads may be the most appropriate means, but also presented a variety of other ways, one of which is competition.

Admittedly not all born of interference competition publishers and developers. Not a few who organize on the basis of fandom and the need for testing the sheer ability. Whatever the reason behind it, a competition game always brings a positive contribution to the gaming world. Make your own game world is better known by the more ordinary people, even draw them into this wonderful world. For those who have superb skills, the competition presents a potential for others.

With so much money is spinning in it, the competition which was originally intended to be an excellent test the skills become an increasingly attractive source of revenue. Came the gamers who make games as a primary profession to make money and build a life. Thanks to this strategy as well, players in the game industry, from software to hardware, started to make this event as an opportunity commercialization. They began to recruit and form what we know as the "Professional Gamer".
Admittedly, there is no job that is more beautiful for a gamer than making the game itself as a livelihood. Although present in a competitive atmosphere, the professional gamer is certainly able to enjoy their work in maximum quality. Moreover, the game industry has never fix the age scale for this work. As long as you have quality, you are going to get attention. Look what happened to Noah Solis. 8 year old child is already achieving what we dream.

If you are amazed by what can be achieved by Noah Solis at his young age, you never know the man on this one. This is the perfect opportunity to get to know Victor De Leon III, better known as Lil Poison. Who is he?

Who's that Lil Poison?

It bears the nickname may reflect the fierce and incredible cruelty. However, anyone who thinks this is all coming from a child? Victor De Leon III was born on Long Island, New York, May 6, 1998. His talent in the gaming world was already visible since she was very young. When he was 2 years old, De Leon was able to play games that are played her father. How does he do it? Simple: by imitating. De Leon III's interest to the gaming world finally took him to a way of life (probably) be the dream of all people. Way of life that gives it the nickname, "Lil Poison"
A History of birth

A historical epic story had been started since De Leon III began to touch a video game for the first time at age 2 years. When the other children still seems witty and enjoy life through simple games, De Leon III began to develop the ability to compete at the professional level. At age 4, he first set foot in a serious tournament. New York Halo Tournament to be proving ground early.

Although he did not win the tournament, the name of De Leon III get enough attention shone in the tournament. During the period until the age of 6 years, he continued to try out a variety of existing competition, especially FPS games like Halo and COD. At 6 years old, child talent makes MLG interested to sign him as a professional gamer. He is now listed as the youngest professional gamer in the world according to Guinness Book of World Records. Victor De Leon III later better known as Lil Poison.

Undoubtedly, many people assume that the decision to recruit children as young as a professional gamer is only done to look for controversy and popularity. However, Lil Poison is not standing still. He really proved that he has the capability comparable to what he got. In a competitive free-for-all Halo, he managed to occupy second place among 550 contestants. Wow! At the age of 9 years, Lil Poison is also competing in the 1 vs. 1 Boost Mobile Challenge which took place in Las Vegas, United States. He had occupied the first position, before falling to third position. It's not a bad achievement considering he had to compete with 3500 other gamers. Now, he was the age of 13 years and continues to pursue her dream of becoming a professional gamer.

Why Lil Poison Decent Gaming Become a VIP?

What makes a Lil Poison qualifies it as someone who has an important role in the game world? The main reason of course because of the talent he has. Just imagine, at age 4, when the kids are still trying to learn many things, Lil Poison has entered a competitive gaming arena for the first time. Although not a champion, it is sufficient to prove that he was born to be involved in the gaming industry.

His achievement itself is not noteworthy as the best. However, the seriousness and dedication to win in the competitive arena deserves thumbs up. Competing with thousands of others and made it to rank the top three at such a young age alone is an achievement in itself. No wonder that Lil Poison into a phenomenon that is difficult to replace.
In 2006, he was elected as an MLG Player Break Out the achievements she has received throughout the year. Why so interested MLG recruited him? In the event of national tournaments held MLG, Lil Poison able to put yourself in the big 64 at the age of 5 years. With the talent he has shown so far, is not an exaggeration to menjadikanya a professional gamer. Lil Poison become "king" is quite feared in the competition Hello, from the first series until the last series: Reach. He even had time to be writing material for the media giants like the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times.


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