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Review Battlestar Galactica: The Battle Space Between Human and Cylon

Review Battlestar Galactica: The Battle Space Between Human and Cylon

Review Battlestar Galactica: The Battle Space Between Human and Cylon - Did you ever watch the movie Battlestar Galactica TV series? The film which tells the timeless battle between humans and the Cylon is a lot left a deep impression for everyone who watched it. In fact, not a few fans of the show want to take a role in the film. Realizing this, Big Point, game developers from the United States, trying to bring the movie experience into an online game. Let's welcome, Battlestar Galactica Online!

Battlestar Galactica Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online game (MMO). This online game has 3rd person shooter. To play the game, you do not need to download it. You simply to play directly in your favorite web browser and engine Unity3D. This game is capable of running in a web browser, like Mozilla's Firefox, Google made Chrome, and IE made by Microsoft. If you do not have the engine Unity3D, you can get it through this link.
Battlestar Galatica Online games have been released since February 2011. You can play this game for free, or "Free to play". Although free, you can buy a certain amount of money in the game, namely Cubits, using a credit card.


One of the selling points of online games Battlestar Galatica is the story of the great battle between man and Cylon. Does this game have the same plot with the film? There is little difference between the film version with the plot of this game. In the film version, humans are left trying to escape from the pursuit of the Cylon who intend to destroy them. During their flight, they plan to seek a new world of "earth" which will host the rest of their lives. As for the version of the game, you will choose to become parties to human or Cylon. Later that both parties will fight over natural resources spread across the universe. If you want a more in-depth story, you can see our previous preview.
When playing, you'll find two headquarters for the human and Cylon. The ship-shaped headquarters of the parent or Battlestar. Battlestar is equipped with advanced capabilities and facilities. Humans will live on Battlestar Galactica. Meanwhile, the Cylon Base Star will have.


As a game that takes space combat setting, Battlestar Galactica Online provides combat aircraft versus aircraft. Huge space battles, it is useful to seize the natural resources and getting various parts of the enemy. You simply press the left click to target the enemy and finish him off with a short-cut keys, ie 1.2, and 3. To win the battle space, you must strengthen the aircraft by upgrading it.
FTL Jump

In order to move from one folder to another folder, each aircraft can do Jump. Jump is the ability of the aircraft to accelerate the journey to another place. Jump To perform it, each aircraft will be equipped with devices FTL Jump. Little information, Faster Than Light (FTL) Jump is a technology that can beat the speed of light. This theory often appears in some online gaming fiction, like-Eve Online.
Parts Available in the Game

You will find a variety of parts that can be modified on the aircraft, such as weapons, hull, computers, and engines. All of these parts you can fill in accordance with the aircraft capabilities. Part is also very helpful when you explore space. The stronger the plane you were on, the more slots to fill planes. Here are some parts that you can use:


As a 3rd person shooter game, the aircraft is in Battlestar Galatcica possess three types of powerful attacks that can cripple your opponent, among others: the bullet and missile attacks. To start the game, you can use a 3 slot weapon in a fighter plane.


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