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Bloody Roar II (2) Games Review

Bloody Roar II (2) Games Review

Bloody Roar II Games Review - Fighting game franchise in the gaming industry is already incalculable. Some still survive until now, but not least the need to recognize the benefits of the other competitors and withdrew from the competition arena. However, this defeat does not necessarily make the game quality is not stamped. The problem usually lies in the power of promotions that are not comparable or less than mere popularity. Some are even leaving a trail of pleasant enough memory to be recalled. Have you ever heard the word Bloody Roar?

Fighting game that was popular in the heyday of the PlayStation is indeed offer a far different concept than the fighting game of its kind in those days. Taking the concept of gameplay that prefer the combo that was born from a combination of the right buttons and movement, Bloody Roar also brings another element that is quite innovative at the time. We will not only fight in human form, but also Beast Form. By collecting a certain amount of strength, we can turn into an animal form with a more destructive attack power and attack a wider range of variation. Bloody Roar This is what makes a difference.
Unfortunately, I know the Bloody Roar series of both. It was hard in those days to find the first Bloody Roar, even from the environment of friends though. Regardless of whether the story between the two are related or whether the first series to be the essence of an important play, Bloody Roar 2 must be recognized to offer a highly enjoyable gaming experience. The gameplay is presented by a team of developers Eighting / Raizing and released by Hudson is indeed leaving quite a lot of memories.

If you ever played this game before, do not hesitate to dig a little back memories of the past and go nostalgic. Recalling one of the most bloody fighting game is.


Have you ever asked what makes the fighters have the power to turn into animals? What they are trying to achieve by fighting each other? Indeed, the stories in fighting games should be recognized not too important role, because in the end gamers will immediately jump to the mode of choice. However, it's good to understand a little background behind all this mess.

All fighters have a Beast Form is classified in one race nation named Zoanthropes. Like the figure of a Dhampir, this class of inherited human and animal power to the maximum without the drawbacks. As smart as humans, strong animals. Their existence has been recorded even before history was born. Along with technological development and advancement of the world, Zoanthropes class is divided into two great camps, those who are struggling to maintain its existence and those who submit to authority and worldly temptations. The war began.

Tylon Corporation who was the mastermind of all this mess. This multi-company global ambitions to dominate and exploit the advantages of the Zoanthropes the key factor of the whole plot is built. Not all Zoanthropes fight. Not a few who then chose to work with Tylon Cop and hunt Zoanthropes others. Bloody Roar II begins!
What I love about Bloody Roar II?
Beast Form

This unique feature of course be one of the main reasons why the Bloody Roar II loved. You have the freedom to be to choose between the Human and Beast Form during the fight and summarizes the best strategies to win. Activating Beast Form means making a big damage and also has a regenerative capacity in the health bar. Beast Form also gives you the opportunity to issue a special moment that is quite destructive. One other thing, all the Beast Form design was performed with a very slick, at least enough to spoil the eye.

Final Attack

Each character has a destructive special attacks that can be issued when in Beast Form. All of these attacks with a beautifully displayed, showing the effects of a feast for the eyes. However, the consequence is that you are forced to return to the Human Form after removing these attacks, regardless of how much the rest of your bar. I prefer to spend this moment as a venue for their luck when the bar Beast Form is already critical. Removing it at the beginning of a change really stupid. Final Attack is a strategic element which must also be considered.


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