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Army Men 3D Games Review

Army Men 3D Games Review

Army Men 3D Games Review
Nothing is more adrenaline than playing a game of epic war. War games that are more story now comes to the real events that get shot dramatization qualified. Just look at how games like Battlefield Modern Warfare 3 3 or plugging their powerful jaws in the hearts of gamers. Both of these games managed to bring the tension-filled atmosphere of a war that was wrapped in a plot that is so epic. In the past, this kind of quality is not the main selling points. Gamers need only one word: unique.

If we are talking about one war game titles in the heyday of the Playstation's most memorable, the name of Army Men 3D series will certainly be sticking. Third person shooter game made by 3DO was arguably quite successful in the market at that time. At a time when the movie Small Soldiers climb the peaks Box Office and could reap millions of spectators, the theme of toys instantly become an interesting phenomenon to be exploited. Some game developers have also seen this as an opportunity to fuse in the trend. Then came the Army Men.

Boys which one has never seen and holding a toy Army Men? Shaped plastic toy soldiers with a variety of styles and armor is indeed very popular. Although as a child, I often disappointed because the rigid posture that can not be modified, the imagination to envision these forces of life and fight accompany periods of play. Apparently, as the advancement of existing technology, imagination was successfully lifted and poured in a video game that "impressed" seriously: Army Men 3D.
Visualization displayed by Army Men 3D at that time may be quite good. At least, you really can feel the atmosphere through the texture of the toy soldiers that were presented. Also presented a game system that actually generating tension and atmosphere as well as fun. But admittedly, not difficult to play this game due to various limitations. The color of the enemy and environment that was almost similar, there is no indicator of the direction of the shot, and shooting crosshair you have to be very careful to just move forward.

Do you belong to one gamer who spent his youth through Army Men 3D? If so, please do not hesitate to release the temporary fatigue, roll back, reminisce, and recall the good times as a man fighting green in this vast land.


Force Green (Green) and Tan (Brown Young) has been engaged in a protracted war in the Plastic World and unlikely to culminate into a beautiful peace. Tan led by a dictator - General Plastro wants conquest and world domination, which means making as part of Green Country to be destroyed. Chocolate state then mobilize a massive variety of heavy weapons which he possesses to achieve this goal. Green countries are at stake can only rely on the continuation of its existence to one man, the hero, Sarge.

Sarge mission sounds simple, namely to provide time for the Green Country to build a super weapon that can beat back all the troops Chocolate. However, time is the only thing that is not owned by Sarge. The mainstay of special forces Green State should begin mission impossible for the state against Brown, one by one, from each region who work under their control. In the end, Sarge rely dexterity of your hand to be able to complete this great mission.
What I like about the Army Men 3D?

The most basic thing that I like about the Army Men 3D is the whole concept is built. If the previous games is more focused story to a world war experienced by humans, Army Men 3D look with something much different. Plastic toys that normally live in your imagination now truly live moving, shouting, and fighting in a virtual game. A dream come true for children. If we talk about things like this, it is likely to be something that no longer understood by the children of today.

Hail the Green Army! Hail Sarge!

Sarge is just a plastic soldiers, but this does not mean he is mentally liquid plastic that is easy. Being Green State main pedestal, Sarge is an icon of patriotism really is. Although it is too super impressed because the concept of "One-Man Army" her, this green man won a war in the process, not instantly. Have not counted how many chocolate soldiers who died at the hands of these forces and have not counted how many times a restart you have to do to reach the ending.

Need Strategies to Win

Unlike the current game that carries an auto-recovery system for its main character, the game in the past is much more challenging. Vulnerable is injured and is one step closer to death. Army Men 3D also carrying the same thing. Sarge can only get about four shots before it shattered. Therefore, you need to analyze the existing environment before trying to move forward. Chocolate soldiers also shot mostly very accurate so it is difficult to escape quickly. The best way is to crawl and shoot when the threat comes.


Army Men 3D is also not fully a third person shooter game. A different genre will direct you meet when stepping on multiplayer mode and compete in split-screen. In this mode, more strategies are needed to determine the victory. Troops will be divided into several specialties. The main goal? Of course, destroying one another. In the simplicity of visualization, the gameplay on offer should be thumbs up.

Sound Effect

Weapons of a plastic soldier of course made of plastic. However, this does not mean that these weapons are not able to produce a psychological fear of the enemy army. Army Men 3D look with enough sound effects to help build the atmosphere. Each bullet comes out of the muzzle Sarge really loud and deadly, like a real weapon. The sound of shells that were presented are also increasingly making Army Men 3D featured as a war game that should not be underestimated.


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