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Free Download Games Battlefield Vietnam Full Version Gratis with Crack

Free Download Games Battlefield Vietnam Full Version Gratis with Crack

battlefield vietnam
Free Download Games Battlefield Vietnam Full Version Gratis with Crack- Pada tanggal 2 September 1945 di Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh Vietnam menyatakan independen pada umumnya.

Ketika komunis Viet Minh di Vietnam Selatan yang melibatkan pemerintahan kolonial Perancis dalam perang gerilya, mulai tepat setelah deklarasi kemerdekaan, Ho Chi Minh, dalam posisinya sebagai pemimpin gerakan kemerdekaan di Vietnam Utara, memutuskan untuk bernegosiasi dengan Perancis.

Alasannya adalah: pada waktu itu lebih dari 180.000 pasukan nasionalis Cina di Vietnam Utara; Viet Minh di Vietnam Utara secara simultan liberalisasi mereka untuk melawan kekuatan pasukan Perancis dan Cina kolonial.
In 1946, after the rebuilding French colonial rule in Vietnam, Chinese nationalists agree on a Chinese troops from Vietnam.

This has happened, Viet Minh increase their attacks against French colonial forces and installations in South and North Vietnam. When the French succeed in keeping the city under their control, the countryside is increasingly ruled by the Viet Minh.

20 November 1953, the French colonial forces of 16,000 troops in Bien Phu, a valley in the mountains along the border of northern Vietnam and northern Laos. Of Dien Bien Phu, France intends to monitor the border between the two countries.
battlefield vietnam

This was deemed necessary because the Viet Minh did communist movement furnished with weapons in Laos, the Pathet Lao.
Free Download Games Battlefield Vietnam Full Version Gratis with Crack
French military believes the valley of Dien Bien Phu, 19 kilometers long and 13 kilometers wide, safe from attacks by the Viet Minh. But in the weeks and months that followed, Vietnamese forces under the command of General Giap, preparing attack on Dien Bien Phu.

With the help of more than 200,000 people porters, Viet Minh arrange transport heavy artillery into the mountains surrounding the valley of Dien Bien Phu.

In March 1954, the Viet Minh launch their attack against French forces at Dien Bien Phu. On May 7, 1954, they had conquered the French command center. 9500 French colonial troops captured. It was the worst defeat in the history of French colonial forces.
battlefield vietnam

More than 20,000 Viet Minh and the French more than 3,000 people were killed in the battle at Dien Bien Phu. War between Viet Minh with France that lasted for nine years, has killed a very large. More than a million civilians, 200,000 to 300,000 Viet Minh and more than 95,000 French colonial troops had lost their lives.
Free Download Games Battlefield Vietnam Full Version Gratis with Crack
On July 20, 1954 in Geneva, negotiators Viet Minh and the French agreed to divide Vietnam into two countries: a communist North Vietnam and capitalist South Vietnam.

In 1959-1963, after the South Vietnamese communist guerrillas to overthrow the Diem government, the communist government of North Vietnam in control of the military confrontation.

More than 40,000 North Vietnamese guerrillas into the southern region, and provide weapons and ammunition to the communist South Vietnam, which is carried through the streets of Ho Chi Minh in the small area of ​​Laos and Cambodia.

In 1961, newly elected U.S. president, Kennedy sends 100 military advisors first along with a special unit of 400 troops to Vietnam. The following year, the U.S. increased the number of troops in Vietnam to 11,000 soldiers.

On August 2, 1964, two American cruisers fired at by patrol boats of North Vietnam in the Gulf of Tonkin. Americans insist that cruise ships were in international waters. And the incident as an excuse to bomb North Vietnam for the first time.
Free Download Games Battlefield Vietnam Full Version Gratis with Crack
Only in 1971, it is known that two American warships had violated the territorial waters of North Vietnam.
In March 1965, U.S. warplanes launch Operation Rolling Thunder, a massive bombing of North Vietnam. About three and a half years later, the bombs dropped on North Vietnam two times more in number than the number of bombs dropped in World War II.

To reduce the development of industry and population of the country, North Vietnam and the decentralization of economic total number of people evacuated from the cities.

The peak of the Vietnam War in 1968, when the U.S. sent nearly half a million troops to Vietnam. Force Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, the Philippines and Thailand are all numbered 90,000 people. And when the army of South Vietnam numbered 1.5 million people.
battlefield vietnam

National Liberation Front under the leadership of communist Vietcong named by the U.S., with 400,000 troops.

On February 1, 1968, the National Liberation Army forces launch the Tet offensive in 105 towns and cities in South Vietnam. Although the Vietcong were driven back and defeated (except in Hué), the Tet offensive was a turning point in the Vietnam War.

Tet Offensive resulted in changes in the U.S. position. After the Tet offensive, the U.S. government is not interested in winning the war. But they just do not want to lose his reputation as a great military power.

Through a U.S. military operation, the U.S. air force bombing of North Vietnam, and ended in October 1968. The U.S. began to withdraw its forces from Vietnam.

In 1969 in Paris, the U.S., South Vietnam, North Vietnam and the Vietcong in negotiations to withdraw all U.S. troops from Vietnam.

In 1972, before the Paris negotiations to bring results, the U.S. has reduced its forces by 100,000 people from Vietnam.Free Download Games Battlefield Vietnam Full Version Gratis with Crack

Dated March 30, 1972, a communist, but not by the Vietcong but by North Vietnamese troops crossing the demarcation line (17 degrees north latitude) to invade South Vietnam. The bombings were carried out continuously by U.S. warplanes, has led to the withdrawal of North Vietnamese troops.

On January 27, 1973, a ceasefire agreement was signed in Paris and came into effect from that day. In March 1973, the last American troops left Vietnam.

Two years later, North Vietnam and South communist forces began the attack with the intention of controlling the state of South Vietnam. A few weeks later, on 30 April 1975, North Vietnamese troops occupied Saigon and the resulting end of the war has been going on for thirty years.

In the event the Vietnam War, has been growing arsenal including the use of jet fighter planes even have entered the era of supersonic jets.

U.S. uses F-105 and F-4 Phantom to face the Russian aircraft consisting of the MiG-17 and MiG-21.

In the Vietnam War this was the first time it is used on a large-scale surface-to-air missile (SAM) as one important component in air defense system. Electronic technology has also become very influential in this war started many use of laser-guided bombs and an optically-guided.

Similarly, the use missile detection system and radar-jamming countermeasures. Also rockets both air-to-air and the air-to-ground.

Use as a base carrier fighter planes being so instrumental compared to what was done in World War II.

Besides, the Vietnam War is to develop systems to aircraft refueling in the air by a tanker aircraft as U.S. efforts to increase the radius of action and the ability to maneuver the fighter planes against planes Russian products.
battlefield vietnam

In the event the Vietnam War the U.S. looks a little overwhelmed in the face of the power of the fighter planes made by Russia. For air-to-air combat Vietnam using MIG-17 and MiG-19, while the United States rely on F-4 Phantom her.

Other U.S. aircraft were involved in the Vietnam war include F-100, OV-10 Bronco, C-123, C-130 and C-7 Trash Haulers, but it is also used F-105, F-111 and B-52 as bomber.

In the Vietnam War was also the helicopter rose into a weapon to combat a significant role in the development of observation missions, tactical combat and combat medical evacuation transport.

It was also notable in the Vietnam war, the development of C-47 Dakota aircraft armed 12.7 mm caliber machine guns in the tail, so much help in the movement of ground forces, the aircraft is known then the C-47 gun-ship.

In this war Russia 2300 held surface-to-air missiles, thousands of counterforce air strikes various calibers and not less than 180 MiG aircraft.

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