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Free Download Games Insaniquarium Full Version

Free Download Games Insaniquarium Full Version

Insaniquarium Free Download Games - This game is a mini-game that is quite interesting and not boring like most of the other mini-games. Here the players to keep the fish and feed him (by left-clicking).

After a big fish, the fish will issue coins that can be collected as cash. In simple, like that game. However, there are many secrets in this game interesting to be found.

So much to take a long time to complete if the first play. In this game there are various challenges that are not less interesting to try.

Begin by selecting Start playing Adventure on the main menu. Initially, you do not have any pet. However, level 1-1 is easy. You can just eat your fish and collect coins produced.

Having enough money buy eggs at the right end of the top 3 times. You will win the level. Similarly, some similar to the next level this level.

Just follow the instructions, buy new fish, and if you have enough money to buy eggs. In level 1-2 to 1-5, you will find enemies / aliens who can take your fish. Click the aliens to attack. The first Alien would you encountered was Sylvester, a blue alien with no eyes.

insaniquarium Free Download

He was weak, so easily killed. Shoot it a few times and he will die. Alien second is Balrog, yellow alien with long red hair. He's a bit more powerful than the previous alien, but quite easy to beat.

Every time you win a level, you will get a pet that can help you. For level 1, the pet has not really needed, because without any pet we could have won easily.

Try to understand the usefulness of each pet to be used well. If something is not understood about the pet, please ask at the post's comments.

After you win a level 1-5, you will be given the opportunity to collect shells for the Virtual Tank where you can keep your fish alone. Take as many shells that enough money is collected.

Level 2 has a different look aquarium from level 1. However, how to play remains the same. However, a new alien aka tone that occur here. The first is Gus. Alien is fat and brown.

The way to defeat him is to feed him to the full. The second was Alien Destroyer. Alien robot is shaped and

fired missiles into the fish-your fish. The third firing missiles to avoid your fish die. How to beat him just like any other, with the shot.

IN this level there are already many pet options that you can choose. After winning level 2-4, you can already use Meryl. Meryl is very useful because it makes the fish produce more coins.

Might be a bit hard to take all the coins, then I use a Stinky or Clyde to help take the coins. Meryl and Stinky or Clyde is a great combo to speed up the collection of coins.

at level 3, you will encounter new alien again, this time harder. There Ulysees, one-eyed alien who fired the ball of energy that if you touch the fish will make the fish die. Then there Psychoquid, the octopus-shaped aliens.

insaniquarium games

Alien is a hassle to fight because they can heal themselves at certain moments. To fight Ulysees, shoot energy balls to point back to him because it hurt too.

Useful Pet at level 3 is a gumbo that could attract the fish to stay away from aliens. Pet is very useful because of the difficulty growing alien.

After you won the level 3, start the challenge actually. Level 4 is an exhausting level (except level 4-1 which is easier). Here you can not buy fish, but buy breeder who delivered periodically.

Then, there is a new moneymaker fish were very helpful, ie ultravore (can be purchased from level 4-2). He takes carnivore and make money worth 2000. Pretty much so he was very profitable.

However, the aliens at this level even more troublesome. There's a two-headed bilaterus (you have to destroy the two head to defeat him). Also later will come two aliens together, can psychosquid and Balrog, or destroyer and ulysees.

The challenge is to keep ultravore you purchase from the aliens that. If you are not sure of your ability to distance aliens, do not buy a lot ultravore, just 1 or 2. If you're unsure, buy a little more to make it easier to win at that level.

Pet useful herein are Angelfish (level 4-4). He can turn a dead fish or a rocket hit a ball of energy. However, for now you can only use 3 pet, so choose according to your taste.

After you win a level 4-5 long, you are not given a rest and immediately challenged last boss fight. Here, you have to save your pet from aliens attacks emerging.

Actually, the core of this level is to defeat Cyrax, the last boss. Then, focus your attacks on him. Attack cepet troops call in order not to disturb him. Keep your game and you will win.

Congratulations! You have completed Adventure Insaniquarium! You also get a presto, best pet in Insaniquarium.

Presto can be transformed into any pet that is very useful at every level. Finally finished well. Easy is not it? Indeed, if only there, the game feels too easy.

However, you realize there are 4 vacant places in the pet? It is an additional pet that you can get in any other way. In addition, there are many secrets that you have not got. Therefore, there should I describe here.

First, we will try to get all the secret pet. Try playing bonus adventure 1-1. After finishing the game, you will be given a game takes longer for the Virtual Tank shells.

After that, it will appear on the screen where the number of shells you accumulated current. Well, there's a picture of an egg that is written below for 20000. That's the secret pet that you can get. Now it was just how to find the money to buy it.

On the main page, there is an option you can meilhat adventure, time trial, challenge, and virtual tank. Did you ever play the time trial? If so, you'll know after winning a time trial level, you will get to a virtual tank shells. This is one way to collect shells.

Maybe anyone of you ever tried playing challenge, but can not? That's because once you have finished first, just to play a challenge.

insaniquarium games

If you try to play it, you will find that the money gained from the challenge far more than from the time trial. Thus, they are more efficient if you play a challenge than the time trial.

However, the challenge is not as easy as it is played. There are a few tips that I would give to play the challenge to be the most efficient.

1. Challenge there are 4 levels, according to the level in adventure. At Level 1, you will get 2000 as a prize if you win. At level 2 5000, level 3 and level 4 10 000 20 000. If seen, it is most efficient if we play level 4. However, this level of high difficulty level, and are less likely to win for beginners. I suggest playing level 2, which is not too difficult, but it has a hefty reward compared to level 1, although the price of eggs eventually the same (5000).

2. Prices of goods in ever-increasing challenge every few seconds. So, buy what you need as soon as you have enough money. Do not wait until your money have a lot of new purchase because it will hurt you.

3. In the field there are buttons to buy fish etc.. The sequence is, fish, food quality, food quantity, and the rest depends on the level you play.

Shortly after you buy animals in the fourth, to buy eggs finish button will open. Worse, the price will begin to rise at that time. So, if you do not want to buy the eggs finish at a price that is too expensive, do not buy animals in the fourth before enough money.

4. If you are proficient enough, try playing at level 4. Here you have to really focus and nimble in order to win. Initially, as usual you wait until your fish born to fish-breeder, and feed them and collect coins.

At the moment, try to buy 2-3 extra breeders, but not to exceed 5 because it is not controlled. Use your money and buy the best that you need. Once you feel ready, buy a carnivore. This is going to open the eggs finish so the price will go up.

However, this is the fastest and safest way after my perusal. Carnivore will produce valuable diamond 200. Collect and hold your money and buy another until you have 3-4 carnivore carnivore. Keep them in order to stay alive when there is an alien attack.

insaniquarium free games
After that, gather up enough money to buy a ultravore. Take good care ultravoremu because this is one of our expectations. If you've played a good level 4 adventure, definitely not too difficult to keep them because of the difficulty level is still the same.

Continue to collect money until you can buy the egg first. It will not be too long if you already have ultravore.

All prices will be reset so this is a great time to shop again. If you can keep 2 ultravore of aliens, I suggest to buy a longer ultravore now. If not, just use a.

Continue your game, this time to buy a second egg. Well, now comes the difficult time. As you know, in the challenge, the aliens also increases the level of difficulty. At this level, the difficulty level increases aliens around minute 13.

Therefore, from last I recommend playing quickly so you can finish it before aliennya more difficult. If it increases the level of difficulty, I had to deal with the hassles.

So, try to win sebelu minutes to 13. If you've trained, play this level is advantageous because a large prize. Keep practicing playing this level.

That's how you raise money to buy a new pet. Purchase any new pet after enough money. Once you buy a fourth pet, there is a new item that appears.

If you buy it, you can use 4 pet at once in a single game. Wow! It was great. Collect money and immediately buy this item.

Then, you can also purchase items for use 7 virtual pet once in tankmu after buying the first one. Buy these items as well.

Hurray ..!! You get a silver trophy! This is one of the secrets of Insaniquarium. Congratulations because you've got it.

But usually if there is a silver, gold tone also ka? That's right. Hence, we do not finish up here. There is still that we have to do.

Do you realize, each won the challenge, you will diberika a story about a pet? Well, to get the gold trophy, you have to get all the story of 1-33. Seems easy right? Actually, not really.

insaniquarium games

Playing the challenge takes a long time. Maybe you've got a few, but there are still many that have not been obtained. Maing each level have won 8 times to get all of the story.

Fair also played 8 times the challenge. So, keep fighting. Do not give up just yet. Once you get 32 ​​stories, there is one more story that you have not got. Play it a challenge level your choice and you will get the last story.

Congratulations, you've got the gold trophy! This is the last trophy that you can get. This is the last secret of Insaniquarium. If you're up to here, then you are already talented playing Insaniquarium.

In Insaniquarium, there are some that you can type the cheat while playing for a certain effect on the aquarium. Here are a few examples.

- Space: Creating a space background

- Zombie: make look like a dead fish, although in fact still alive

- Wavy: Make the screen as it looks bumpy

- B: bring bubbles from the bottom of the tank

There is also a cheat that you can enter in the main menu (where the gold trophy). Type the Give and you will be able to send shells from one player to the other player.

If you buy a regular virtual fish tank, and gave the name of Santa, you will find a new fish similar to santa. Try it.

So the guide that I created. There may still be shortcomings or errors in my writing. Therefore, I beg criticism and suggestions from readers so that I can fix where my mistake.

I also expect the reader  ask if you do not understand about the posts that I made. So the message from me, I thank you.

Trailer Insaniquarium 

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 2000/XP/VISTA/7
CPU: 600MHz or faster Processor
RAM: 128 MB

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