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Free Download Games Borderlands 2 Full Rip Version - PC, Playstation 3, XBOX 360

Free Download Games Borderlands 2 Full Rip Version - PC, Playstation 3, XBOX 360

Free Download Games Borderlands 2
Borderlands 2 - The game begins with four vault hunters lured to a trap by Handsome Jack inside a train and left for dead amid a snowy, frozen landscape, only to be rescued by a ClapTrap robot, who guides them to safety. Soon after, the vault hunters start having visions of the Guardian Angel from the first game who instructs them to help the ClapTrap recover its lost vessel, and use it to travel to the city of Sanctuary to meet the members of a resistance movement opposing Handsome Jack's tyranny led by Roland, a soldier and one of the four original vault hunters.


Five years have passed since the events of Borderlands, when four vault hunters located the Eridian Vault and confronted an eldritch abomination known as "The Destroyer". After defeating and sealing The Destroyer once more, the vault hunters left to parts unknown, but a valuable mineral called "Eridium" started flourishing through Pandora's crust, bringing the attention of the Hyperion Corporation and its leader Handsome Jack who sets for the planet to secure this new resource. Since then, Handsome Jack rules over the inhabitants of Pandora with an iron fist from his massive supply base built in the shape of an "H", always visible in the sky in front of Pandora's moon. Meanwhile, rumors of an even larger vault hidden on Pandora spread across the galaxy, drawing a new group of vault hunters to the planet in search for it.


There are four new playable characters in the game.
The first new character is a "gunzerker" named Salvador, who resembles Brick from the first game in abilities, but also can dual-wield any combination of guns.
The second character, a siren named Maya, has an ability called Phaselock which suspends enemies in midair and resembles Lilith from the first in abilities.
The third character, Axton, is a commando character who relies on turrets to decimate his enemies and resembles Roland in abilities.
The final character, Zer0, is an assassin capable of creating a decoy of himself and becoming invisible for a short time. At the end of this process, he is then able to unleash a critical hit on an enemy with his sword or gun. He is skilled with snipers and pistols, and is similar to Mordecai, one of the playable characters from the original Borderlands.
The four player characters from the first game, Roland, Lilith, Brick, and Mordecai, all return in the form of NPCs that the new characters will encounter on Pandora, or in various missions.Non-playable characters like Guardian Angel and Claptrap return to aid the player during quests. In addition to Axton, Zer0, Maya and Salvador a fifth playable character was revealed at PAX East by Gearbox referred to as the "Mechromancer."The character, who is named Gaige, a red-headed cyborg that can summon a D374-TP ("Deathtrap" - a hulking, floating machine made of scrap parts), is currently in concept stage and Randy Pitchford stated that they would begin to work on her some time after the main game is completed "in a couple months." She will be released on October 16 and will be free to those who preordered the game from certain retailers, granting them access to the Premiere Club.


Following the unexpected success of the first Borderlands, which sold between three to four-and-a-half million copies since release creative director Mike Neumann stated that there was a chance of a Borderlands 2 being created, adding that the decision "seems like a no-brainer." On August 2, 2011, the game was officially confirmed and titled as Borderlands 2, with Anthony Burch announced as the writer the next day. The first look at the game was shown at Gamescom 2011, and an extensive preview was included in the September edition of Game Informer magazine, with Borderlands 2 being the cover story. Like the first game, Borderlands 2 was developed by Gearbox Software and published by 2K Games, running on a heavily modified version of Epic Games' Unreal Engine 3. The game was released on September 18, 2012 in North America and is scheduled to be released on September 21, 2012 internationally.
Gearbox revealed that they would be honoring a late fan of the game, cancer victim Michael John Mamaril, with the addition of an NPC named after Michael in the sequel. Additionally, Gearbox posted a eulogy to Mamaril in the voice of the game character, Claptrap.

Controversy regarding sexism hit a month before the game's scheduled release after Gearbox designer John Hemingway referred to a skill tree owned by the downloadable content character the Mechromancer as a "girlfriend skill tree". "This is, I love Borderlands and I want to share it with someone, but they suck at first-person shooters. Can we make a skill tree that actually allows them to understand the game and to play the game?" Gearbox Software president Randy Pitchford was quick to react on Twitter, saying "There is no universe where Hemingway is a sexist. All the women at Gearbox would beat his and anyone else's ass."
Free Download Games Borderlands 2

Free Download Games Borderlands 2

Free Download Games Borderlands 2

Free Download Games Borderlands 2

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