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Download Game Need For Speed Underground 2 - PC, Playstation PS 2, XBOX 360

Download Game Need For Speed Underground 2 - PC, Playstation PS 2, XBOX 360

Download Game Need For Speed Underground 2Story 
Players start racing straight into the action with the Acura Integra Type R is uniquely stylish, with widening the package body, won the race with ease ...... only to wake up Samantha from her reverie.

Samantha is a friend of the player in a new country: he shows how it all works, who fronted the city racing gangs, and make the player car. Eddie (and the Nissan Skyline R34 metallic orange hers) is chairman of the Eastsiders and current top racer most, and Melissa is his girlfriend.

Time passes, racing for the race was won. The player meets other racers, and eventually gathers a small list of enemies that continue to be challenged and everything to lose. He was introduced to TJ, who promises increased vehicle "unique" if the player has won the time trial challenges; Samantha doing the same thing over and over again, while offering a unique visual improvement.

The success of players have not boast Eddie. First, he mocked the player's skill, saying that the road is still long to "get the streets". Deep in the game, players can build a 'hype' is too hard to ignore, so Eddie challenged in sprint racing before chase; willingness of the players to accept the challenge made him angry. Samantha Civic Honda engine blew up in the middle of trying to beat the player, with no successful results. TJ took the debris to his car after the race it.

When the player is approaching rank 1 in all races, Eddie tries to shut down again. At the same time, the players saw Samantha with the car that has been repaired, which would go back to work, but has been degraded. Both are doing circuit racing vehicles prizes opponents (eg the player can win a car Samantha) who won the player. The player returns the car to Samantha to be repaired, and he offers a package of widening the body to his car.

Right after the touching moment, Eddie challenges the player and loses, like everyone who has challenged the previous player so far. Before the victory song was played, a mysterious silver Nissan 350Z challenges the player to appear for the last time through the trajectory of Market Street. The challenger, having defeated the player, it was Melissa, the girlfriend of Eddie.

Racing confirms title of the player to become the best street racer in the city.
Download Game Need For Speed Underground 2
Need For Speed Underground 2
Need for Speed: Underground 2 (NFSU2 or NFSUG2) is a cross-platform racing video game and the eight installment of popular driving game Need For Speed published and developed by Electronic Arts. Released in 2004, it is the direct sequel to Need for Speed: Underground, and is part of the Need for Speed series, available on Nintendo GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS and Microsoft Windows. It is the second game in the Underground Series. It was developed by EA Black Box. Like its predecessor, it was also commercially successful, and sold four million copies worldwide.

The game is based around tuning cars for street races, resuming the Need for Speed: Underground storyline. Need for Speed: Underground 2 provides several new features, such as a broader customization, new methods of selecting races, the "explore" mode (just driving around freely, like the Midnight Club series, in a large city known as "Bayview"). Underground 2 also introduces several SUVs, which could be customized as extensively as other Underground 2 vehicles and used to race against other SUV racers. Brooke Burke is the voice of Rachel Teller, the person who guides the player throughout the game.

On the Nintendo DS installment, users are able to design custom decals to adorn any vehicle in the game. The PlayStation Portable equivalent is Need for Speed: Underground Rivals.


In addition to the racing modes included in the previous Underground game (Circuit, Sprint, Drag and Drift races), four new variations of races have been provided in Underground 2. One racing mode was dropped, this being the Knockout competitions. Still, a Lap Knockout option is available when racing Circuit in non-career races.

A circuit race is a standard race that involves up to four cars driving around a track that loops back to the start line of itself. A circuit race is typically a maximum of four laps and minimum of 2 laps. A sprint race is just like a circuit race except that the track does not loop back to the start line. It's a race from A to B involving a maximum of four vehicles, and because of the track design there is only one lap. Street X races are similar to Circuit races, but they take place on closed courses similar to Drift races.
Drifting is one of the easier types of racing (depending on difficulty level) in Need for Speed Underground 2. One difference to the drifting mode compared to the original Need for Speed Underground is that the player drifts with the other competitors at the same time. Players race against a maximum of three competitors. Points are awarded when the player successfully slide the car and finishes the drift without hitting any walls .Like the Street X mode in Underground 2, no nitrous oxide is allowed. There are also some special downhill drift races where the player starts at the top of a hill and has to slide down from top to bottom, a drifting equivalent of a sprint race (from point A to point B). In these races, there are no other racers, however there is normal city traffic. Players increase their points by sliding past city cars. Drag racing is a point-to-point race that forces players to use a manual transmission. Steering in this mode is simplified to simply allow for line changes, while the game handles the steering along the lines, and the player focuses more on maintaining an optimum speed for the car. The Nitrous Oxide meter is enlarged and displayed on the bottom right of the screen.

The Underground Racing League (URL) is a set of tournaments which takes place in a specific set of closed tracks outside city streets - either actual racing circuits or airport runways. URL tournaments typically consist of one to three races, with the player racing against five opponents. In tournaments with two or more races, a points system is used. At the end of each race, drivers receive a specific amount of points according to their standing in a race. The total score at the end of these races determines the winner of the tournament.
While cruising around the city, players can challenge other cruising opponents in a one-on-one race(these are called "Outrun Races"). The leader is given the freedom to pick his/her racing route, and must attempt to outrun the opponent and distance itself from him/her to as much as 300 metres (980 feet) to win. This racing formula is similar to that of Tokyo Xtreme Racer and Wangan Midnight video games, which uses health bars instead of distance to determine the winner. Once a certain amount of victories have been won by player in certain levels, the player is awarded a unique part free of charge by another racer.

Download Game Need For Speed Underground 2

 Download Game Need For Speed Underground 2

Minimum System Rquirements
OS: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
Processor: 933 MHz
Memory: 256 Mb
Hard Drive space: 2 Gb
Video Memory: 32 Mb
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 Compatible
DirectX: 9.0
Other Controllers: Game pad STRONGLY Recommended
DVD Rom Drive
 Download Game Need For Speed Underground 2

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