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Doraemon's early life is not so good. He is a robot fails in an auction to a poor family who were in debt, that no other family descendants Nobita Nobi. Doraemon had a heavy period: It was only a baby-sitter after failing to pass the exam at the academy robot, the robot ear was destroyed after being bitten by rats, the paint wear off because of him alone, and many a sad story that he went through in the first year since his birth. Until one day, he sent his family back to the past, about 250 years ago, a time when Nobita Nobi, the ancestor of this family, still living in Tokyo.

Doraemon's mission is to help Nobi Nobita (great-grandfather of Sewashi who have Doraemon). Nobita is a boy who always had the misfortune, and do not have any ability. He is a fool in school and can not exercise, Nobita only talented in the shootout, play a rubber, and sleep; ability almost useless in the modern era of Japan. This is the reason why he failed to live her life. And Doraemon was sent from the future to make a man successful. Very ironic, a robot fails to come to help a child who is failing. But in fact, the friendship these two kids make them become a better person.

Doraemon arrived in 1969, the Japanese New Year's Day. He came out of Nobita's desk drawer, and since then he lived with Nobita, his mission is to prevent Nobita become a failure. In trouble every time Nobita, Doraemon will be helping with magic tools.

Doraemon's mission seems to have worked, because when they venture into the future, Nobita saw himself married to Shizuka, not by Jaiko. He also saw his descendants live in better condition than when Sewashi send the first Doraemon: Nobi offspring even able to buy a robot that "no fail", Dorami.

Told in the manga and anime, Doraemon and Nobita work together to improve their lives. They cooperate with each other and mutual assistance. There are also many stories that show the story of courage and determination to maintain their friendship that they intertwine.

Nobita family

* Father Nobita

Nobi Nobisuke full name, a good office staff and patient. When young, he had dreams of becoming a painter even he was apprenticed to a painter who is now famous. He was good at sports, especially playing golf, but he is very stupid in school. He was a heavy smoker and the difficulty of eliminating the smoking habit. He has long dreamed of having a car license but always failed to get it.
Nobisuke Nobita always expect not to be like him; an office worker and failed to do anything. He often buys a stack of encyclopedias Nobi is then only used as decoration only. Nobisuke also likes adventure, he also often advised to Nobita out enjoying the sunshine rather than just a nap at home. Even so, he was very indulgent Nobita, he was seldom rebuked Nobi.

* Mother Nobita

Kataoka Tamako full name, a housewife who hates animals. She was always nagging and scolding Nobita if the child made a mistake that does not wants - gets the value zero, for example. In his youth, he was a child who is smart but not good at sports. His hobby is flower arranging.

* My grandmother (paternal)

His real name is unknown. Grandmother was a patient and kind. He always advised Nobita with a smooth and soft portion, and protect Nobita when scolded by his mother. Nobita's grandmother knows the present and aware of Doraemon's time machine. Grandmother's advice to always keep in mind is the Daruma Nobita; Daruma, despite being dropped several times, but he will wake up by itself. Grandma died when Nobita was a kid.

* Grandfather (paternal)

Grandfather was a stern and resolute, he educates Nobisuke hard. But behind it all, he loved Nobisuke. Just like grandma, she is also aware of the existence of the present Nobita and Doraemon. Nobita's grandfather died before birth.

* Nobisuke

Nobisuke Nobita and Shizuka was a child in the future. In contrast to the quiet and calm Nobita, Nobisuke was a hyperactive child, sports, and often interfere with his friends - even though both are equally stupid. Nobisuke also frequently visit the "prospective father", Nobita, in the present.

* Sewashi

Nobita is the great-grandson Sewashi living in the 22nd century, he was the one who sends Doraemon to Nobita.

System Requirements :

CPU: Intel Pentium III 800 MHz
RAM: 128 MB
GPU: DirectX 7 compatible video card
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