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Review of Lord of the Rings - War in the North - The Battle of Middle - Earth Stylish Action RPG

Review of Lord of the Rings - War in the North - The Battle of Middle - Earth Stylish Action RPG

Review of Lord of the Rings - War in the North - The Battle of Middle-Earth Stylish Action RPG
Where gamers who have never heard the name of the Lord of the Rings? One of the best literary works ever created colossal is indeed an inspiration for creative work after the birth of many, including video games. The war between the various nations that epic, the presence of mythological creatures, to the complexity of relationships within it make the quality of Lord of the Rings unmatched. JRRTolkien even created a language for each nation and the world map for him. Therefore, it is not excessive if many who think that Tolkien not only created a story, but a world.

Many gamers who may be new to this series after a bit of piece of the story in it successfully removed the films widescreen and perfectly executed. The success of Peter Jackson's adaptation of this epic story into the main gate to the Lord of the Rings to gain popularity again globally. The gaming industry is also one that affected the shadow of this story. More games that carry the story of medieval-style fantasy as the main theme being sold and are often successful in the market. Not only that, diverse franchise that carries the name of Lord of the Rings is also becoming easier to find. One of the newest? Lord of the Rings - War in the North.
Lord of the Rings - War in the North (LOTR - WITN) may be summed up as one of the LOTR series of the most anticipated by gamers. After presenting a less diverse series of equivalent quality, hope gamers burden onto the backs of LOTR - WITN that does look amazing through a variety of screenshots and trailers. Moreover, this game will come with a genre that is quite unique, the action RPG. The fight is fast and brutal, setting strategy, to determine the skill is definitely the game you'll find in this genre.

LOTR - WITN developed by Snowblind Studios, who once worked with Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance, which was first released on the Playstation 2. With his cooperation with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and the experienced, quality seems to not be a problem. After waiting long enough, the chance to try LOTR - WITN released for PS3, XBOX 360, and PC is finally here. Can he deliver an epic experience a massive war-style Middle-Earth? Check out this review.

What story do you most remember when mentioning the name of Lord of the Rings? Most of us would be immediately drawn to the main plot where the hobbits, Frodo Baggins, carry a great responsibility to destroy the One Ring in Mount Mordor. The same timeline will also be presented in the Lord of the Rings - War in the North. You will not play a role as one of the main characters who will accompany Frodo's journey in person, but being a hero that moves on the side of the story to make sure they succeed.

You will act as a Ranger Eradan, Farin a Dwarf fighter, and an Elf Andriel focused to magic. All three survived the brutal attack Nazgul at Sarn Ford. They were then asked to meet with Aragorn in Bree, which may be concluded to be the beginning of all the adventures that exist. Eradan, Farin, and the brave Andriel gradually involved in a war that will determine the fate of Middle Earth in the future, where Sauron began to gather strength to master it. Their role "behind the scenes", from one battlefield to battlefield, from one quest to another quest, contributing significantly to the smooth running of Aragorn and Frodo's journey on the other side. They appear as a group of unsung fighters, who never mentioned in any LOTR story, and for the first time, told through a story of heroism.

The main purpose of this group is to actually catch and kill Agandaur, one of the right hand of Sauron. This helps antagonist Sauron "negotiate" with many races and gather the troops who are willing to beperang under the black flag, from the trolls, dwarfs, until the dragons. Pursuit of this Agandaur bring Eradan, Farin, and Andriel exploring Middle-Earth region that have not been exposed to before, such as the Ettenmoors, Carn Dum, Gundabad, Fornost, and many others. The third adventure hero will also take them to an encounter with a variety of characters that is certain you know and some new characters are also fighting for Middle-Earth.
It was not a secret anymore if now is a lot of quality games Action RPG scattered in the gaming industry. Some managed to perform successfully and deliver superb quality, such as Mass Effect, Diablo, up to Dragon Age. However, the core of all this game is the same. Contrary to conventional RPG games are more likely to ask for your move turn-based, an action RPG game presents an opportunity to fight in real-time as an action game, but with a diverse cast of strong RPG elements.

At the beginning of the game, you will be asked to choose one of three characters that have been provided. Eradan as a ranger characters are fairly balanced, both melee and range with a variety of skills are no different from the typical Rogue. Farin role as Champion (tanker), with a melee attack skill supers trong and struggling in his physical abilities. While Andriel is a Loremaster with considerable physical abilities with a variety of magic healer who qualified. The character you choose will determine your style of play. One vote? Take it easy, LOTR WITH also allows you to do the swap in the middle of the game. If you play single player, the two characters you choose will be driven by AI.

As an action RPG game, all the control functions must be designed like an action game. You will be equipped with a normal attack, strong attack, dodge button to roll, a button to block, and various shortcuts skill that can be easily accessed. Shortcut to use healing items will also help you through any obstacles that exist. This mechanism will bring you to a fight where rapid adaptive response to you will be the crucial key. Cornered in a situation that is not possible to win? You have the ability to summon the Belarum, the giant eagle that will be ready to help.

What then makes the game LOTR - WITH this different? Is not obvious that he brings the same game system? The answer lies in every fight that is not easy to conquer. If on the other RPG Action game, your characters often appear too superior, can kill many monsters with giant tear down quickly and easily, in LOTR - WITH, you will not find it. Various enemies are there: Goblin, Undead, Orcs, Uruk-hai, Spider, to present the characteristics of a real troll. They are strong, not easily killed, bold, and dangerous. You can not just forward alone and expect the group to kill the enemy with ease (with a record level equivalent). Dare to do it? Your life would certainly not be helped. The presence of other characters as support or decoy to be essential to win the fight. Even a high level will not guarantee you a third character to be able to knock down a Troll with ease.
Raise Level, Learn the Right Skill, and Hunting Equipment Unique

As a game that brings the RPG elements in it, LOTR - WITN certainly brings a lot of things that reinforce its image as an RPG game. Not only led to a variety of figures on the screen to show the damage that successfully generated, the game also allows you to do level up, choose the skill, and seek the best equipment available.

For those of you who like to play RPG games, the concept of level ups certainly do not need to be explained at length. You just look for experience points through combat and quests are there to speed up this process. Like the western RPG games in general, LOTR - WITH gives you the freedom to distribute 3 points (every time you level up) in each of the existing attributes. Each attribute will give effect to the character of its own such dexterity that will strengthen the attack range and so on. You can also choose to manually place them or let the computer decide.

In addition to attribute points, you will also be given a skill point to open or strengthen existing skills. The concept of skill trees each character is divided into three major groups: additional active skills, melee attacks, and attack range. Although it is clearly divided, each group still comes with a variety of skills that are not related skills, for example, some passive skills that strengthen the effect of the other skill groups. Your style of play will be determined by the skill you choose each time leveling up. Farin focused to the skill to attack range will automatically act more as a support which stand behind the fight. While Ederan, which should archer ranger, can become the foundation of an effective melee if you managed to choose the right skills. All decisions entirely in your hands.
What else makes a decent RPG game called an RPG game? Of course there are mechanisms that equipment. LOTR. It is no secret if a better hunting equipment has always been one of the most addictive RPG elements. There are three ways that you can take to get an equipment with a better status in this game: spend money that not a few in the store, looking for hidden places looting along the way, and resolve any existing sub-quests. Unique Equipment typically will present with different colors in the window with a description of the item length effects. Weapons will usually bring an extra element damage, while armor will come up with a better defense status and additional extra points for character attributes permanently. You also can strengthen the weapon by adding certain items on the weapon that has a slot. Your character will also experience changes in appearance in accordance with the equipment you are wearing.

The third main element of this is to inject an extra on the gameplay LOTR RPG gameplay - WITH a sense of action is more subtle. Unfortunately, when elements of the above only applies to characters that you are using, and does not apply to two other characters controlled by AI. The result? You really do not know what kind of skills that have been selected by two other characters, distribution points, which they present, and the status of equipment like what they use.

Although the plot brings the charming and interesting gameplay, Lord of the Rings: War in the North have succumbed to the weakness of this one. Interwoven stories and side-quests are presented in it should be recognized too linear, without variation. As RPG games released lately, this game also carries a conversation with the NPC system that includes alternative answers to choose from. However, this answer choice mostly just designed to trigger specific responses, with no significant effect on the story. Whatever your choice, ultimately will always be the same.

Side-quests are presented also not much different. Although it comes with a unique objective with each other, almost all existing Side-Quest runs linearly with progress story that you are living now. You can complete side-quests while you finish the main story. In addition, most of the side-quests do not require you to mnjelajahi new place that has never existed before. Everything is spinning in the area you have visited or will visit. Challenging? Only two missions that did it: Osgiliath and Lorien Challenge that asks you to destroy the enemy party in a lot of wave number. The rest? Not hard and linear with no variation.


As one of so many game series that brings the big names of Lord of the Rings in it, War in the North should be recognized is one of the best. His decision to not caught in the temptation to bring the main character who was popular and choose a side story through a different protagonist must thumbs up. Circular trip, Farin, and Andriel in the mission "side" hunt Agandaur make gamers the opportunity to explore Middle-Earth side of the other, with different points of view.

As an Action RPG game, not many new things that can be offered by LOTR - WITH this. As the same game genre in general, he managed to combine elements of action and RPG without presenting too much complexity. One thing is quite interesting is the challenge presented in each bout. The monsters are subordinate to Sauron's really not an easy creature to be killed, although with a high level though. It takes cooperation and appropriate strategies to conquer them, even if it had to escape though. Behaved like a hero, plug body, and try to defeat the enemy party alone? You must be crazy.

Unfortunately, the trend in the gaming industry that increasingly provides freedom of choice for gamers, LOTR - WITH it comes with a strong linear impression. Various alternative options in the conversation or the sub quests do not give the impression that there is a varied game. Everything moves in a straight line with no opportunity to choose another path. If only this game were injected freedom ala Dragon Age or Mass Effect, its outcome will be much better.

* Visualization of Middle-Earth is neat.
* Meeting in the challenge.
* The system is an open skill.
* The plot is interesting.


* Gameplay is very linear.
* AI is not adaptive.

Suitable for gamers: Fans of Lord of the Rings, fans of Action RPGs.

Not suitable for gamers: the love with the game with an open probability of the story.


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