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Download Games Dragon Ball Z For Free (Gohan Vegeta)

Download Games Dragon Ball Z For Free (Gohan Vegeta)

Download Games Dragon Ball Z For Free 
Perhaps none of Indonesian children who do not know the name Dragon Ball. Anime that focuses on Goku to save the world of business is indeed one had aired local television stations for about 10 years. Who is not fascinated with him? Brutal battle with devastating effects to the scale of the planet into an entertainment feast for the eyes. No wonder if the franchise is born of mangaka Akira Toriyama is adapted in a variety of entertainment media.

Dragon Ball is already touching the gaming industry since the industry began to grow, from two-dimensional visualization display to a full three-dimensional. From the simple to the battle system that requires a combination of movements that are difficult. Although most of it fighting genre, Dragon Ball was also present in the unique genre such as adventure and RPG. Bandai Namco became the exclusive publisher of all existing game Dragon Ball.

Dragon Ball games newest project is scheduled to be released in autumn 2011 is not yet explained in detail. Site Namco Bandai has just released a little teaser via his official website. The project, called Dragon Ball Project Age 2011 will make more gamers to experience a more intense fighting in the scope of three-dimensional. One that is quite tempting, Namco Bandai also said that this game will be close to "reality", making the gamer feel the side characters that they use with more depth.
As a fan of Dragon Ball fighting series, I do not think there will be many changes to fight the system. But I was quite looking forward to fight the effects of a much more powerful and brutal than the previous series. Maybe a chance to destroy the moon or the earth at once?


Gohan is the first son of Goku and Chi-Chi. Because it has the nation's blood mixed Saiya and Earth, then of little Gohan has a very strong force (supposedly known that in case of cross-breeding between nations Saiya with other nations, then the resulting offspring will have a very large force).

Gohan first appeared in comics / manga Dragon Ball Z No. 17. When he first appeared Gohan was 4 years old and has aspirations to become a professor. Gohan was brought by Goku to visit Master Roshi's house located on a small island which is being held gatherings together. But unfortunately, when just  Kame foot on the island and met with Master Roshi, Bulma, Umigame (the tortoise), and Krillin, suddenly came the stranger who called Raditz, the older brother of Goku. The arrival of Raditz is to check if Goku had succeeded in carrying out its primary purpose. But because Raditz, Vegeta and Nappa are still seeing the existence of life on planet Earth, Raditz eventually was sent to investigate. As it turns Goku does not want to join back with Raditz, then Raditz Gohan hostage and threatened to kill him if Goku does not carry 100 human cadavers earth.

Gohan strength seen for the first time when used Raditz Scouter figures show about 700-an (while Goku and Piccolo only ranged from 400-500). And when Son Goku already cornered, finally Gohan who were aged 4 years was angry and took out all his strength (figures indicate Ranga Scouter above 1000).
After Raditz defeated, he tells that there will be 2 people Saiya nation stronger than he who will come to earth to destroy all life. Therefore Piccolo Gohan finally decided to train personnel who already have a very large capital.

After several trips through, Gohan finally be a Super Saiyan. In the Cell Saga, Gohan is the strongest warrior compared to the Z-Fighter. But when the time comes peace, Gohan again so lazy exercise its power successfully surpassed again by Goku and Vegeta.

Son Gohan videl eventually married (son of Mr.Satan which is believed hero that saves the earth because it managed to kill Cell) and has a daughter named Pan.

On the issue of Dragon Ball GT, Gohan finally managed to reach his goal by being a scientist and worked on the family Bulma's Capsule Corporation.


Vegeta is a fictional character in the manga and anime Dragon Ball's Akira Toriyama. Vegeta first appeared in manga chapter 204 Son Goku Sayonara (さようなら 孫悟空, Goodbye, Son Goku), was first released in the weekly Shonen Jump magazine on December 19, 1988. Bertama he appeared in episodes of the anime Dragon Ball Z-6 (but at first glance they may seem at first episode). In terms of her character in the series Tungpei ape-like journey to the west (as ape antagonist).

Vegeta is a Saiyan prince of the nation's endangered existence. He is the antagonist in the beginning of its appearance. Goku is the strongest rival for Vegeta, he even tried a very ambitious to surpass the capabilities and expertise of these rivals. In the end, Vegeta realizes that Goku ability is something that is natural, and he also realizes that Goku is the one which he can not beat even with practice and effort Endeavour. At the end of the story, Vegeta could get his ego back long-lost, by letting him into a trap Babidy, he turns into Majin Vegeta, but because his ego is too big she refused to follow orders Babidy. Then he uses nature to fight his demons only by Kakarot, as a prince of the Saiya, but eventually he realized that the power is not everything, and he returned to the side of good.

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