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Download Games Tekken 3 For Free

Download Games Tekken 3 For Free

Download Games Tekken 3 For Free 
Tekken 3 is a very popular fighting game which is the third edition of its predecessor Tekken. This game was released in early March 1997 and for the playstation mid-1998. This game is also the first game released by Namco System 12.

In this game the rules can be fairly easy. We can select the Tournament mode, Training, Versus. When selecting tournament then we can choose the character that we will use in the battle arena. And follow the storyline of this game Tekken 3. And we can open new figures are locked in order to win this tournament game. For each character moments that we use can be found on the menu option is the command list. Inside there are various types of moves are able to spend some combo or super strength so that it can beat opponents with ease.

Game Tekken 3 is very similar to its predecessor, with some additional kinds, namely to use 2D graphics background on the stage, fighting show infinite field, and use fighting system which is driven by four buttons: left punch, right punch, left kick, and kick right . Different additional attacks including inverted for some characters, throw back, toss hooked, and a movement  unique to one character.

-> Character In Tekken 3 Game

1. Characters From Tekken Past

- Paul Phoenix

- Nina Williams

- Yoshimitsu

- Lei Wulong

- Anna Williams (locked)

- Heihachi Mishima (locked)

- King
New 2.Character

- Jin Kazama

- Ling Xiaoyu

- Hwoarang

- Eddy Gordo

- Forest Law

- Kuma (locked)

- Panda (locked)

- Julia Chang (locked)

- Bryan Fury (locked)

- Gun Jack (locked)

- Mokujin (locked)

- Ogre (locked)

- True Ogre (locked)

- Tiger Jackson (locked)

3. Character Bonus (PlayStation version)

- Gon (locked)

- Dr. Bosconovitch (locked)

-> Chronology of Game Tekken 3
This game tells 15-year period after the King of Iron Fist Tournament 2, which in this story is June Kazama, he held stay Yakushaima a remote village with the youngest male child is Jin Kazama-lai. After Kazama jin grew up he became a fighter who is great at Mishima Style Karate.

The next 4tahun, mother of Jin was destroyed by the Ogre that. So fight back  begins by holding the tournament against the Ogre. Heihaci is the only fighter who did not require assistance in fighting this makes Jin Jin slumped. But all the missions are done finally achieved to beat in redeeming their revenge.

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Download Games Tekken 3 For Free

Note :
1. Click
2. Wait 5 Second
3. Skip (top corner)


  1. I had that game. Tekken is my one of the favorite which i am still playing over the years. I love the most new characters in this series. Glad to hear about this game.

  2. Tekken is best fighting ever. I having all series of this game. I am still playing Tekken 5 on my Xbox, it is really interesting t play this game with someone as multi player due. All the characters and graphics are just bang on.

  3. You right... I also games lover to...

  4. Tekken is amazing fighting game. Although story mode, graphics and controls are fascinates. Its true that it is interesting to play this game with other users as challenge.
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